Sourcing input materials

Aurubis is committed to carefully selecting its business Partners.

We source our primary and secondary raw materials from a number of different suppliers, which protects us from becoming too dependent on individual major suppliers and shields us from regional fluctuations on the global market.

Our suppliers of primary raw materials are the established companies in the industry. On the one hand, we value long-term relationships and strategic cooperation with our suppliers. On the other hand, we require them to produce and/or export the purchased material in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, statues and requirements of the country of origin. We also expect our business partners to follow UN sanctions and trade restrictions as well as UN conventions related to human rights, environmental protection and safety. We have included a corresponding clause in our – usually long-term – supply contracts since 2013. In the meantime, this clause is a component of about 75 % of our supply contracts for primary raw materials.

The large, global mining companies from which Aurubis sources most of its copper concentrates regularly publish their environmental standards and are committed to sustainable economic activities. They all operate in accordance with guidelines such as the OECD Due Diligence Guidance. Furthermore, most of these mining companies are organized in the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and commit to sustainable raw material mining.

Aurubis respects human rights and advocates for their protection. We reject any form of discrimination, forced labor or child labor and respect the rights of indigenous populations. Compliance with the internationally recognized core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) are of fundamental significance. Furthermore, we have been committed to the UN Global Compact since December 2014. The Executive Board bears responsibility for the issue of human rights.

Our raw material purchasers are in constant contact with our suppliers, including regular meetings and on-site visits. We have implemented Business Partner Screening for all raw material deliveries made to Aurubis AG, a system in which observance of human rights and environmental protection play a role. The screening is currently being expanded to other divisions and subsidiaries.

We source most of our secondary raw materials from Germany and other EU countries. Compared to primary raw materials, secondary raw materials are largely purchased on the basis of short-term supply contracts.

In addition to primary and secondary raw materials, we source various operating supplies, investment goods and services from about 2,500 active suppliers. At Aurubis AG, which includes the Hamburg and Lünen sites, 44 % of the purchasing volume is covered locally, i.e. within a radius of 100 km.



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