Resource Efficiency and Recycling

As the largest copper recycler in the world and an expert in multi-metal recycling, we contribute to closing the material cycle for copper and other metals.

Non-ferrous metals such as copper are not actually consumed when they are used. They go through the material cycle and are predestined to fulfill the requirements of sustainability and resource efficiency

Copper is a metal that can be recycled as often as desired without a loss of quality. As a result, copper with the highest purity can be produced over and over again from recycling materials.


As the world’s largest copper recycler, Aurubis makes a significant contribution to resource efficiency.

Closing the Loop

Aurubis closes the material cycle for copper and other metals as an expert in multi-metal recycling.

Background: WEEE und ElektroG

As a specialist for multi-metal and quality recycling, Aurubis is a forerunner in responsibly processing electronic scrap.


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