Product Safety

Our copper products do not cause any significant risks for the environment or people.

Copper as an element is not dangerous to the environment or to people. This is also true for our high-purity copper products and their processing, if the processes of hot and cold forming are carried out correctly. Copper’s harmlessness was also confirmed by a voluntary risk analysis of the copper industry in 2008. Furthermore, copper is used in the health sector. For example, doorknobs made of copper alloys have antimicrobial properties. Related studies show how hygiene-relevant field tests in hospitals demonstrate that copper and copper alloys reduce the hazards of multi-resistant pathogens.

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Safety data sheets are available for copper and a number of other products. We can also issue an inspection certificate for every delivery which shows the precise chemical composition of the products and other physical parameters. We prevent hazards during the transport of our products to the greatest possible extent by strictly observing the applicable load securing regulations and the maximum permitted loads.



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