Product Responsibility

With our 150 years of experience, modern production processes, high efficiency and close cooperation with our customers, we provide excellent copper products.

With our products and presence in Europe, America and Asia, we are one of the leading integrated groups in the global copper industry. We have also achieved this position because we pursue a strategy as part of our responsibility for our products: We utilize our expertise in smelting, refining, metal recovery, recycling and copper processing to generate the highest added value from various raw materials along the entire value chain. For example, we use our own copper cathodes to produce semi-finished products, which are processed by our customers.

Because we produce most of these copper cathodes ourselves, we achieve two things: the high value added previously mentioned and consistently high quality for all copper products. At the same time, we work on ensuring that our production and our products have a declining impact on people and the environment. This applies to the development, manufacturing and transport of our products as well as during and after the usage phase. We also contribute to overcoming global challenges such as climate change with our products, as copper is distinguished by its high conductivity. This feature plays a decisive role in facilities used to produce renewable energies, in energy transport, in electric cars and in smart grids.

Product Quality

Optimal quality and innovative solutions contribute to securing the Group’s future.

Product Safety

Our copper products do not cause any significant risks for the environment or people.


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