Sustainability Strategy

Aurubis Sustainability Strategy 2018-2023

For Aurubis, responsible corporate governance makes an integral contribution to securing the company's future. The Sustainability Strategy 2018-2023 creates the framework for this. It is a component of the Aurubis Group strategy and encompasses the focuses of people, the environment, and the economy.

The Sustainability Strategy 2018-2023 establishes the main areas of activity, targets, and action plans for the coming years. Aurubis has systematically structured and expanded its sustainability activities over the past several years – from its sustainability reporting to the development of the first Sustainability Strategy in 2013.

We report the status of target achievement annually in our Non-Financial Report.



  • Strategic approach

It is a matter of course for us to maintain our employees’ health and productivity and to protect them from accidents and illness. We don’t distinguish between our own employees, external employees, or visitors in this respect. At the same time, this helps us avoid economic damages that arise when employees are absent due to accidents or illnesses.


  • Target

We want to avoid work-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses (Vision Zero)


  • Key measures

» Preparing all sites for the introduction of the ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety (by FY 2019/20)

» Implementing Behavior-Based Safety across the Group (by FY 2020/21)


  • KPI

» LTIFR (on-the-job accidents with lost time*): target of  ≤1.0 (by FY 2021/22)



*at least one lost full shift

  • Strategic approach

Our human resources strategy supports the successful implementation of the Aurubis strategy and is thus a key element on the path to Vision 2025. This is how we lay the foundation for successfully confronting future challenges of human resources policy.


  • Target

We have set the targets of creating a work environment for good, close cooperation and promoting involvement and creativity. We form a team that passionately works toward progress.


  • Key measures

» Improving the “health” of the organization with strategically aligned HR instruments and services, as well as individual development tools

» Regularly identifying employees’ needs with respect to working time arrangements

» Developing a Diversity Policy


  • KPIs

» Organizational Health Index

» Diversity Index (age structure, international quality, percentage of female employees; index under development)



  • Strategic approach

We provide high-quality training and invest in qualifications for our employees. In this way, we secure our company’s long-term success.


  • Target

We have set the target of providing qualifications to our employees, continuously strengthening their skills, and promoting their development to ensure mutual success and motivation.


  • Key measures

» Regularly identifying qualification needs to expand project, process, and management expertise in a targeted way (by FY 2022/23)

» Group-wide introduction of the Aurubis Operating System (AOS) pillar “training and education” (by FY 2022/23)

» Ensuring group-wide knowledge management to identify, preserve, transfer, and enhance knowledge across functions (by FY 2022/23)


  • KPIs

» Training hours used for development measures: target of 18 hours per full-time employee per year by FY 2022/23

» Employee participation in AOS: targets by FY 2022/23 (base year: 2017/18)
    → Inclusion of employees in pillar activities: target of over 90 %
    → Inclusion of employees in the performance management system: target of over 90 %
    → Active employee participation in improvement teams: target of over 20 %



  • Strategic approach

Social commitment is a fixed component of our company identity. We are aware of the responsibility we assume with our business activities – as an employer, as a business partner, as a neighbor, and as part of society.


  • Target

We have set the target of contributing to a livable environment for future generations. In the process, we focus on areas of action that are linked with Aurubis’ key expertise. As a responsible, committed company, we want to promote enthusiasm for our company and for our work.


  • Key measure

» Developing and implementing a strategy for societal engagement at group level (by FY 2018/19)




  • Strategic approach

We take responsibility for our environment and protection of the climate. As an energy-intensive company, the effective and efficient use of energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions are issues of ecological and economic responsibility.


  • Target

We have set the target of further increasing our energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions wherever possible.


  • Key measures

» Introducing the ISO 50001 standard for energy management across the Group (by FY 2021/22)

» Increasing flexibility in electricity purchasing

» Energy efficiency projects (such as increased heat extraction for supplying district heating and internal company electricity projects)

» Investigating processes and electricity consumption in relation to the German Climate Action Plan 2050 and analyzing the requirements for new investments (starting FY 2018/19)


  • KPIs

» More flexibility in electricity use: 10 % target by FY 2022/23

» CO2 emissions; target: reduction > 100,000 t by FY 2022/23 (base year: 2012/13)



  • Strategic approach

We take responsibility for our environment and protection of the climate. For all production sites and across all business processes, we therefore place an emphasis on modern and energy-efficient plant technology, which complies with very high environmental standards.


  • Target

We have set the target of conserving natural resources and maintaining a clean environment for future generations.


  • Key measures

» Introducing the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management across the Group (by 2022*)

» Reducing specific metal emissions to water in multi-metal production with site-specific projects and individual measures

» Reducing specific dust emissions to air in multi-metal production with site-specific projects and individual measures

» Reducing specific SO2 emissions to air with site-specific projects and individual measures


  • KPIs

» Specific metal emissions to water; target: 40 % reduction by 2022* (base year: 2012*, copper production)

» Specific dust emissions to air; target: 15 % reduction by 2022* (base year: 2012*, copper production)



*calendar year



  • Strategic approach

We are expanding our multi-metal business and will enhance the processing of complex raw materials by further developing our processing capabilities. We are optimizing our position on the procurement markets by developing customer-specific solutions. We are moving closer to our raw material sources – mines and collection points for recycling materials.


  • Target

We have set the target of growing in the processing of complex raw materials. This will increase the importance of metals apart from copper in Aurubis’ portfolio.


  • Key measures

» Developing and implementing innovative metallurgical processes with which we can expand our raw material base, among other things

» Establishing new sales channels for metals with strong demand growth

» Sustainably successful implementation of the efficiency enhancement program


  • KPIs

» Sales of metals apart from copper: 100 % growth by FY 2022/23 (base year: 2016/17)

» Improvement in earnings: project success of € 200 million by FY 2019/20 (base year: 2014/15)

» Return on capital employed (ROCE): 15 % target



  • Strategic approach

We invest in our multi-metal recycling and, in this way, contribute to a circular economy and thus to the conservation of natural resources beyond our key expertise in copper recycling, with excellent energy efficiency.


  • Target

We have set the target of using a larger volume of complex secondary raw materials in addition to copper raw materials, extracting many metals apart from copper and making these metals useful for society.


  • Key measures

» Increasing the volume of complex recycling materials sourced

» Establishing and developing “closing the loop” systems as a result of new or intensified cooperation with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), retailers, or copper product customers

» Analyzing market conditions and future opportunities for sustainable products (think tank for metals, products, and services)


  • KPIs

» Direct sourcing of complex recycling materials from collection points: 100 % volume growth by FY 2022/23  (base year: 2016/17)

» Number of “closing the loop” systems with direct and indirect product customers from the metal value chain: increase in target by 10 by FY 2022/23 (base year 2017/18)




  • Strategic approach

We treat the environment and limited natural resources with care. We act responsibly toward our employees, suppliers, customers, and neighbors. The same applies to the areas surrounding our sites and to the communities in which we do business. Compliance with the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO), including the topic of human rights, is of fundamental significance.


  • Target

We have set the target of continuing to manage our supply chains responsibly. In the process, we will take impacts on the social environment, the natural environment, and economic aspects into account.


  • Key measures

» Introducing the Aurubis Business Partner Code of Conduct across the Group (by FY 2018/19)

» Implementing Aurubis Business Partner Screening across the Group (by FY 2020/21)

» Including human rights, environmental protection, and safety clauses in supply contracts for primary raw materials
(by FY 2022/23)

» Identifying a suitable sector solution


  • KPIs

» Percentage of contracts with primary raw material suppliers including a human rights clause:
100 % target by FY 2022/23 (base year: 2016/17; base percentage > 80 %)



Sustainability Management

At Aurubis, common values and rules serve as a guide for everyday business.

Dialogue & Cooperation

We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders.

KPIs & Reporting

You can find our GRI Reports, Non-Financial Reports, and additional reporting here.


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