Environment and Energy

Responsibility for the environment and the climate: production oriented to the highest environmental standards.

The efficient use of resources, recycling, energy, water and air – these are the environmental topics of particular relevance to Aurubis. And even if our environmental production standards are already very high, the Group wants to keep improving on this with higher efficiency and lower emissions.


Strategy, Targets & Performance

At Aurubis, we strive to produce at a very high environmental standard across all production sites and business processes.

Technical Environmental Protection

Technical Environmental Protection is an important pillar of environmental protection at Aurubis. This also requires a willingness to implement innovative technologies.


Thanks to responsible and close cooperation with business partners and stakeholder groups, as well as participation in committees and associations, Aurubis contributes to the political process.

Energy & Climate Protection

The efficient use of energy is not only an ecological responsibility for Aurubis but an economic one as well.


The European REACH directive, which has been in effect since 2007, created a new framework for chemicals management.


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