Economic Responsibility

Our corporate values, internal and external policies and management systems are our basis for responsible corporate governance. Legal conduct and a responsible approach to employees, the environment and society are a matter of course for Aurubis.

By signing the  UN Global Compact, we have expressly committed to sustainable and responsible corporate governance and continue to orient our business activities to the ten universally recognized principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Many years of expertise, modern production processes, high efficiency and close communication with customers secure our standards for high-quality products and lead to excellent copper products. We set standards in recycling and generate the highest value from various, often complex, raw materials.

Aurubis complies with all of the applicable standards and regulations with all of its products.

Dialogue & Cooperation

We maintain open communication, in particular with our most important stakeholders: employees, neighbors, the capital market, customers and suppliers as well as NGOs, policymakers and the media.

Supply Chain

Our suppliers include the largest companies in the industry. We generally aim for long-term relationships and strategic cooperation with our suppliers.

Product Quality & Safety

Aurubis is bound to the highest quality standards. We strive to produce flawless products with consistently high process and service quality in all company divisions.


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