Social Commitment

Social commitment is a fixed component of Aurubis’ company identity. We are aware of the responsibility we hold at all of our sites due to our business activities: as an employer, as a business partner and as a neighbor.

Financial and logistical support for social, ecological and cultural projects fits seamlessly within the spectrum of Aurubis’ corporate responsibility. We involve the people at our sites in the company’s success beyond the aspect of added value, and we enrich daily life on site. It’s clear to us that we can only benefit from a lively environment in which people feel good and appreciate our presence.
Our involvement follows a clear strategy. It is important to us that we don’t lose sight of our core business. Presenting the variety of uses of copper to a wide audience is a key objective and area of activity for our charitable work.

We are currently developing our social commitment at the Group level into a sustainable and international approach. But we will continue to be involved in projects in close proximity to our sites because it is important to us to be a good neighbor in the places where we work with our employees each and every day.

We pursue the following objectives with our activities:

  • We want to increase awareness of Aurubis at the sites and be a good neighbor
  • We want to be viewed as a responsible and committed company
  • We want to improve our employees’ motivation continuously
  • We want to raise interest for our company and our work, attracting qualified young employees
  • We want to facilitate long-term customer loyalty

Responsibility and organization

Social commitment is part of our company identity. From an organizational perspective, the Chairman of the Executive Board oversees this area of responsibility. Aurubis’ social involvement is organized by the Corporate Communications & External Affairs, which supervises sponsoring activities with its Event Management & Sponsoring department in close coordination with the Executive Board. The Sponsoring Team, which makes decisions about incoming grant applications, comprises employees from Corporate Communications, Event Management and Sustainability Management.

To ensure especially high and sustainable added value for our company and the  regions, our subsidiaries decide about their sponsoring activities based on their experience and the regional aspect of the projects, and they cover the costs with their own budgets. If sponsoring requests exceed a specified amount, the sponsoring team in Hamburg is included in the decision.

We have established criteria for the selection of individual projects that can be funded, which serve as a guide for those making the sponsoring decisions at the individual sites. We support projects that

  • Are related to copper
  • Have a social and ecological component
  • Promote culture
  • Are connected to education, science and teaching
  • Promote sports and youth activities to establish team spirit and social skills
  • Are near our sites.


In focus

Social efforts
We would like to be an active part of a thriving society. Therefore, one of our goals is to offer disadvantaged individuals new perspectives and improve their life situation. To be as successful as possible in this endeavor, we work together with local organizations directly on site. We are pleased that our employees are also actively dedicated to their regions.


Art, culture and architecture
By supporting cultural institutions and events as well as art and architecture, Aurubis contributes to an appealing, varied and enduring cultural landscape. For example, we are involved in interesting music projects and work to maintain copper structures.


Supporting young people
Like many other companies, Aurubis faces the considerable challenge of a shortage of young workers, especially in technical jobs. For this reason, many of our sites cooperate with schools and universities, offering internships and company tours. As ambassadors of our company, employees provide exciting insights into working at Aurubis by giving talks at schools. The connection between theory and practice is very important in all of our projects. With these activities, we hope to offer new perspectives to disadvantaged youths in particular, ease their transition from school to work and, ideally, to increase their interest in an apprenticeship or an entry-level job at Aurubis.


Sports sponsoring
Fairness and teamwork guide us in our work and secure our success. With our involvement in popular and professional sports, we extend these values beyond the boundaries of our company. We traditionally sponsor various sports clubs as well as different kinds of sports.





You can find more examples of our involvement in the Sustainability Report 2015.


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