Aurubis employs about 6,300 employees worldwide. With their performance and commitment, they work daily to support the sustainable development of the Aurubis Group.

We communicate openly and closely with our employees and include them in the company’s development. All Aurubis employees are called on to orient their work to the group-wide corporate values and our binding Code of Conduct, which obligates us to comply with fundamental work and social standards. We view ourselves as a responsible employer and maintain good relationships with employee representatives.

Our overarching personnel strategy was derived from the corporate strategy. It is the basis for confronting the challenges of human resources policy and is therefore consistently applied by Corporate HR and the HR departments in the individual countries, which implement it in modern management work. The goal is to employ qualified and committed employees, promote their development and achieve success together with them. The implementation of the personnel strategy focuses on strategic HR instruments and services as well as individual development tools for our employees.

Internationalization, demographic change, employer branding and employee health and occupational safety are permanent challenges that we address as part of our responsible HR policy.

All group-wide activities related to our employees are managed by the Corporate Function Human Resources (HR).


Apprenticeships and young employees

Aurubis depends on talented and well educated employees. Due to demographic change, we have to adjust to stronger competition for qualified workers. We therefore present our company at various career fairs to raise interest in our company among school and university graduates and young potential employees. In addition to direct employment, we offer options for semester internships as part of our university marketing activities.

Apprentices make up about 8 % of the workforce at Aurubis in Germany. Each year, the company employs most of the apprentices after they have completed their training. Education and qualifications are also highly valued at the sites outside of Germany without a dual education system. In 2011 we successfully imported the German apprenticeship model to our Bulgarian site.

Continuing education and employee development
We view our employees’ continuing education as an investment in the future. By developing employees both professionally and personally, we secure the foundation of our company’s success, not least by maintaining our staff’s employability.

Successor development
To ensure Aurubis’ long-term success, competitiveness and innovation capability, it is essential to retain employees in the company and
to provide them with continuing education. In light of demographic change in particular, specialist and manager development is one of our special focuses.


Diversity and equal opportunity

We view employee diversity in our global company as an asset and promote this aspect. In our opinion, a diverse employee structure significantly increases the company’s innovation and problem-solving expertise. As a result, we want to be an attractive company and employer for every individual, regardless of their background, gender, religion or sexual orientation. The Group Code of Conduct and our corporate values serve as the basis for respectful cooperation in the entire Group. Open positions are filled exclusively according to the applicant’s qualifications and the requirements of the position.

Work-life balance

A balance between work and free time is very important to us. Only those who have enough time for family, friends and personal interests will remain motivated over the long term. Additionally, it will become increasingly important for companies to have a family orientation in the future when it comes to employee loyalty. As a family-friendly company, Aurubis would like to support as many employees as possible in finding the balance between professional and personal goals.



Good cooperation between employees and the company management is an important success factor for us. Open and honest communication strengthens mutual trust, which is why we regularly inform our employees in good time about current developments.


Compensation and benefits

Competitive salaries and comprehensive social services increase our attractiveness as an employer, enhancing employee motivation. Fair and achievement-based compensation is therefore a matter of course at Aurubis. Performance and qualifications are the basis, thus ruling out gender-specific differences.


You can find extensive information about our HR strategy, individual issues and detailed KPIs in our Sustainability Report 2015.


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