Sodium selenite Ph.Eur. in powder form with the highest pharmaceutical quality

Our sodium selenite Ph.Eur. in powder form for the pharmaceutical industry is characterized by the highest guaranteed purity and consistent quality in keeping with the European Pharmacopoeia for medicines and dietary supplements. Every batch undergoes extensive quality control in our in-house laboratory at the Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz site

Selenium is a vital trace element: the use of sodium selenite Ph.Eur in the pharmaceutical industry

Selenium is an essential trace element human beings require to survive from the moment of birth. The body cannot produce it, so we have absorb it from our food. In recent years though, there have been more and more headlines along the lines of: “Fewer nutrients in food.” It is, in fact, true that many types of food no longer contain the same level of nutrients they did 100 years ago. Additionally, more people are choosing to be vegan, and since selenium is found in high concentrations in eggs, meat, and organ meat, vegans frequently have to supplement their diets. This has resulted in a boom in dietary supplements – including many containing selenium.

Selenium plays a role in many processes in the human body – a good supply is important for the thyroid, for example. It also serves as an antioxidant and can improve blood flow. Even baby food has to contain selenium.

People with diseases that impair the absorption of nutrients (such as chronic gastrointestinal diseases and HIV) have to take selenium under a doctor’s supervision, since over time a deficiency can cause infertility, a specific form of osteoarthritis, and iodine deficiency.

Medications that contain a bioavailable form of selenium can be used to deliberately give an overdose of selenium to treat deficiencies caused by diseases (animals are also given medications with selenium in certain cases, and veterinarians will inject these if a deficiency needs to be treated quickly.)

Dietary supplements and medications containing selenium should only be taken when indicated and never without supervision, however, since an overdose can cause severe complications.

Selenium production for the pharmaceutical industry is closely monitored. Retorte is therefore subject to regular inspections by medical regulators, and wouldn’t be authorized as a supplier otherwise.

Our sodium selenite Ph.Eur and sodium selenate FFC are only contained in parts per million in the final pharmaceutical products.



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