Copper for base plates and heat sinks

We provide state of the art solutions for different heat spreaders, e.g. flat base plates and pin fins. Aurubis has the variety of material and knowledge to meet customer requirements. With innovative assistance in Research & Development and technical cooperation, Aurubis develops copper solutions according to customers' specifications and applications.

Newly presented high performance alloys (HPA’s) offer higher resistance for softening, which is synonymous for a loss of mechanical stability. More reliable contact forces and more stable heat dissipation can be achieved with new solutions.  Also, the new alloys have more homogenic microstructure than conventional pure coppers. Homogenic microstructure has lower risk of anisotropic behavior. HPA’s are unbeatable especially with higher soldering temperatures.

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Base plates design is continuously in need for progressive densification (miniaturization) and other demanding design requirements. Therefore, Aurubis is developing new solutions together with our partners to fulfill these new and future demands from the power module manufacturers.

Dedicated copper solutions to fulfill the demands of end customers
  • Highest purity copper for best thermal conductivity
  • Very tight warpage control and dimensional tolerance control
  • Very high requirements for the surface quality
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