Prefabricated Systems

Aurubis provides an extensive range of factory prefabricated systems for facades and roofs, copper sheets and coils and other copper items.

The unrivaled choice of Nordic surfaces can be combined with different Nordic forms to provide a rich copper palette for contemporary architecture.


Apart from traditional systems, various standard or tailored prefabricated systems are available in Aurubis copper. They offer the benefits of consistency and accuracy, being fabricated under controlled off-site conditions, as well as different visual characteristics helping to define the architecture.


Nordic Systems are supplied by Aurubis or are developed in a close working relationship with our specialist partners. Aurubis is constantly exploring new forms of copper with designers, creating extra dimensions of modulation, texture and transparency for architectural surfaces.


Profiled sheets
Aurubis offers an extensive choice of roll-formed or welded profiled sheets in the full range of Nordic Products™. Other custom-made profiles can also be provided to order.









Perforated and expanded mesh

Aurubis offers a range of standard perforation patterns on its copper sheet with any Nordic Products™, as well as special customized patterns. Variable perforation sizes can be used to create subtle patterns, “su­per graphics” and even text. Our partners can also provide expanded copper sheet with any Nordic Prod­uct™ to suit particular requirements.








Prefabricated tray
Prefabricated tray is a fully sup­ported 0.5 - 0.6 mm thick copper tray, pre-formed to be ready for fast, efficient installation.










For facades, self-supporting copper panels pre-formed on two sides can be used vertically, horizontally or diagonally to give a linear, striated appearance. Various shapes and sizes are available.









Fully supported copper elements for facades or roofs, shingles offer a distinctive “fish scale” appearance with shapes including squares, dia­monds, rhomboids and rectangles in various sizes.









For larger flat areas, cassettes have squarer proportions with folded edges on all four sides. Various types and sizes are available.














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Ari Lammikko

Senior Sales Manager Flat Rolled Products / Nordic Products, Aurubis Finland Phone: +358 2 626 6649

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