Oxygen-free Copper Rod

AURUBIS FOXROD is directly cast, oxygen-free copper rod, which can also be low alloyed depending on the customer's requirements. The total content of alloying elements can amount to up to 5 %.

AURUBIS FOXROD - our oxygen-free copper rod


FOXROD is produced with our high-quality cathodes with a copper content of more than 99.995 %. The product offers many advantages:

  • A clean metallic surface free of organic carbon
  • Excellent and homogenous product quality
  • Narrow tolerances for rod diameters
  • Resistant to hydrogen embrittlement

The production process

  • State-of-the-art upward casting installations
  • Oxygen-free and low-alloyed copper wire rod
  • Direct casting to the required final diameters
  • No rolling processes
  • Flexible, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production processes
  • No additional surface treatment with pickling and conservation agents or lubricants


AURUBIS FOXROD for special applications

Foxrod for continuous extrusion

AURUBIS FOXROD is perfectly suited to continuous extrusion applications thanks to its very clean metallic surface free of organic elements.


Special attention is given to purity throughout the FOXROD manufacturing process. Furnaces and casting dies are made out of copper-repulsive, chemically inert materials to avoid possible contamination. The rod is produced without any protective wax, while special measures are taken to avoid oxidation of the rod.


As a result, our FOXROD presents an extra clean metallic surface.


Foxrod for wire drawing

AURUBIS FOXROD combines < 3 ppm oxygen content with high electrical conductivity. Moreover, it contains almost no impurities. These characteristics make AURUBIS FOXROD an excellent starting product for processing all types of copper wire, including extra fine wires.


Foxrod is used for wires for which hydrogen embrittlement is an issue, such as fire-resistant cables.

Foxrod for Conform production 

AURUBIS FOXROD is perfectly suited to continuous extrusion applications thanks to its ultraclean metallic surface free of organic elements. The casting dies used during the AURUBIS FOXROD manufacturing process immediately create the desired rod diameters for bars & profiles, typically between 12.5 and 25 mm.

Typical copper alloy qualities

Cu-OFE, CuAg, CuSn, CuFeP, CuMg, CuMgP, CuTeP, CuP

Typical analysis results of unalloyed OF-1 FOXROD (PPM)


Element ppm
Ag 10
As <1
Bi <0.5
Cd <0.1
Co <1
Cr <1
Fe <2
Mn <1
Ni <1
O 2 <3
P <1
Pb <1
S <5
Sb <1
Se <0.5
Sn <1
Te <0.5
Zn <1



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