Sulfuric Acid & Others

A number of valuable by-products such as sulfuric acid, iron silicate, selenium and lead are produced during the smelting process at Aurubis.

When high-quality copper and copper products are produced from concentrates and recycling materials, additional products are also recovered at Aurubis. Some of them - such as iron silicate and selenium - are processed and sold at Aurubis subsidiaries. Sulfuric acid and lead are two products that are directly marketed by the Aurubis sites.

Sulfuric Acid

Aurubis is one of the largest producers of sulfuric acid and an important supplier to the global market.

Iron Silicate

When copper concentrates are melted, iron silicate is produced, a construction material that can be used for river embankments.


Selenium is a natural component of copper concentrates and arises during the treatment of anode slimes. It is used in the glass and animal fodder industry.


Lead is an end product of our melting process. It is used to produce wire rod and tube as well as sheet and foil.


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