Industrial Rolled Products

Aurubis has a reputation for supplying the finest rolled products in the world. We pride ourselves on supplying the thinnest, best performing, most reliable and purest products.

Our rolled products are generally tailor-made to a customer's exact specifications. We are often asked for tight tolerances, surface cleanliness, flatness and consistency of material, or for strips to be traverse wound.


Several state-of-the-art casting technologies such as as cake casting (with subsequent hot rolling) and continuous vertical and horizontal strip casting (both with subsequent cold rolling) are used to produce high-quality rolled products. This provides high flexibility for specialties and efficient mono-manufacturing of large lot sizes.


Aurubis produces the largest copper coils in the world within the tightest tolerances. In addition, Aurubis uses the most efficient technology and offers innovative assistance in Research & Development as well as technical cooperation for our customers. The technical center for developing, designing and testing thermal heat management solutions offers wind tunnel, radiator and charge air cooler testing, for instance. Aurubis has the diversity of material and production capabilities for customer requirements.

Connector Strip

Aurubis offers high-quality connector strip with standard copper, copper alloys and High Performance Alloys (HPAs).

Radiator Strip

Aurubis is the world leader in copper and brass strip for heat exchanger applications, utilizing soft soldering, copper brazing foil and CuproBraze® technology.

Sheet, Plate & Circles

Sheet and plate are manufactured for various applications and crucial parts of many different products.

Pre-rolled Strip

Our pre-rolled strip is processed in many industrial sectors, e.g. in the construction industry, the automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries and in coin production.


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