Bars & Profiles

Over the last several years, Aurubis Belgium has developed a broad range of copper bars and profiles for customers in the electrotechnical industry.

AURUBIS BARS & PROFILES provides copper solutions for generators.  They can also be found in electrical substations, trunking systems, switchgears and conductor systems.
We provide copper products for medical systems and different areas of research that use electrical energy to create a magnetic field, AC and DC motors as well as induction furnaces where the magnetic field is used for metal smelting.

Process technology of AURUBIS BARS & PROFILES

Aurubis started producing bars & profiles in 2006 using one of the most advanced technologies, the continuous extrusion process. Two state-of-the-art production lines produce excellent and high-quality profiles, strategically placed in Belgium, in the center of Europe.

Wire rod is transformed in the rotary process from a solid to a plastic state by friction and shear deformation. In the plastic state the copper flows through the die to form a homogenous product due to the constant and continuous process parameters.

Flat Bars

Aurubis Belgium provides a wide range of flat copper bars for many applications in the electrical engineering industry.

Round Bars

Aurubis Belgium provides a wide range of round bars to the main OEMs in Europe and overseas.


Aurubis Belgium supplies a wide range of copper segments in simple and complex designs.


Aurubis Belgium provides profiles from simple to more complex forms according to customer specifications.

Hollow Profiles

Aurubis Belgium supplies hollow profiles for induction systems and generators.

Bars & Profiles Applications

There are numerous applications for AURUBIS BARS & PROFILES in the electro-technical industry.

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