Applications of Bars & Profiles

Aurubis Belgium's bars & profiles have been developed for customers in the electrotechnical industry. The products are used in various applications such as switchgear, trunking systems, circuit breakers, motors, generators, conductor systems and inductions systems, among others.

Bars & profiles for circuit breakers

Aurubis extrusion experts assist design engineers in efficiently developing complex copper profiles for circuit breaker contacts.






Bars & profiles for switchgears

Aurubis offers a wide range of shapes and sizes for use in switchgear, with supreme conductivity.






Bars & profiles for trunking systems

The outstanding electrical conductivity and high durability of Aurubis copper make it the ideal base material for all categories of electrical trunking systems.

A customer-oriented partner

Buying from Aurubis offers you the advantages of our well developed and far-reaching customer services:

  • Just-in-time delivery: Short and reliable lead times with a stable product quality, thanks to our Supply Chain Concept.
  • Financial guarantees: Aurubis is a strong and financially healthy long-term copper supplier. We offer customized hedging solutions with full pricing transparency.
  • Focused business relations: We have a clear and unambiguous business model, focusing on semi-finished copper products while maintaining professional and transparent long-term relationships with resellers, subcontractors and machining companies.
  • Product development and quality measurements: In addition to our extensive knowledge of profile design, we can offer a large number of quality measurements spanning all aspects of your needs, from metallurgical product analysis to electrical product performance.

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