Oxygen-free Copper Rod –
Aurubis FOXROD

Aurubis FOXROD is directly cast, oxygen-free copper rod, which can also be low alloyed depending on the customer's requirements. The total content of alloying elements can amount to up to 5 %.

FOXROD is produced with our high-quality cathodes with a copper content of more than 99.995 %.

  • A clean metallic surface free of organic carbon
  • Excellent and homogenous product quality
  • Narrow tolerances for rod diameters
  • Resistant to hydrogen embrittlement
The production process
  • State-of-the-art upward casting installations
  • Oxygen-free and low-alloyed copper wire rod
  • Direct casting to the required final diameters
  • No rolling processes
  • Flexible, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production processes
  • No additional surface treatment with pickling and conservation agents or lubricant
  • From 8 to 25 mm
Typical copper alloy qualities
  • Cu-OFE, CuAg, CuSn, CuFeP
Applications for Wire & Cable
Transporting electricity

Wire and cable are the most visible and essential parts of the entire electricity system. They transport the electricity from the energy source at the power station to the point of use, where it is converted into mechanical movement, heat, light or digital signals. Wire and cable come in an enormous variety of cross-sections, lengths and current carrying capacities, from high-voltage undersea cable hundreds of kilometers in length down to ultra-fine wire in the micron range used for connections in advanced electronic equipment.

Direct current (DC) flows are evenly distributed over the cable length with energy losses inversely proportional to the cross-section. Alternating current (AC), however, flows more towards the surface of the cable cross-section. The higher the frequency of the electrical power, the stronger this skin effect becomes. For this reason, it is a common practice in specific applications to interweave several wires of smaller cross-sections instead of using a single wire with a larger section.


Electrical cables consist of various conductors:
  • Two (one phase + return conductor)
  • Three (one phase + return conductor + earthing conductor)
  • Four (three phases + neutral conductor)
  • Five (three phases + neutral conductor + earthing conductor)

The individual conductors and the entire cable itself are surrounded by electrical insulation for safety reasons and to avoid short circuits.

The right material and the right size

The right choice of cable material and the right cable cross-section are essential to ensure the best electrical conductivity.

By using highly conductive copper instead of lower grade copper or aluminum, energy losses in the cable will be lower and the conductor will produce less heat. Using such a highly efficient electrical conductor also results in a smaller cable section for the same current carrying capacity, which saves on space and insulation material.

The cable cross-section is measured in most countries in square millimeters. In North America, the sections of smaller cables are measured by American wire gauge, and larger cables are measured in circular mils.

What constitutes the ideal cable section depends on the criteria that are used. The technical standards on cable sizing are based on safety criteria and certain power quality aspects such as minimizing the voltage drop. From the point of view of life cycle costing and taking the energy losses inside the cable into account, however, the optimal cable section will be significantly larger than what minimum technical standards prescribe. The environmental optimum, calculated by Life Cycle Analysis, lies at an even larger cable cross-section.

Highly conductive copper
Pure copper has a high electrical conductivity, second only to silver. Aurubis copper rod maintains this essential quality thanks to its extraordinary degree of purity. It is manufactured from our own copper cathodes with a purity of 99.998 %. During our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, every effort is made to keep the copper material free of any contamination. Thanks to this exceptional level of purity, Aurubis copper rod is the ideal base material for wire and cable manufacturing. It shows electrical conductivity values that are significantly higher than the ETP copper conductivity standards. This results in multiple end-user advantages related to compactness and low energy losses.
The high purity of Aurubis copper rod is also an essential characteristic for the manufacturing of ultra-thin wire. For drawing wire on the order of microns, any small impurity can be fatal. Highly pure Aurubis copper minimizes production losses due to impurities and achieves the required end quality.

Special applications
Continuous extrusion

Aurubis FOXROD is perfectly suited to continuous extrusion applications thanks to its very clean metallic surface free of organic elements.

Special attention is given to purity throughout the FOXROD manufacturing process. Furnaces and casting dies are made out of copper-repulsive, chemically inert materials to avoid possible contamination. The rod is produced without any protective wax, while special measures are taken to avoid oxidation of the rod.
As a result, our FOXROD presents an extra clean metallic surface.

Wire drawing

Aurubis FOXROD combines < 3 ppm oxygen content with high electrical conductivity. Moreover, it contains almost no impurities. These characteristics make Aurubis FOXROD an excellent starting product for processing all types of copper wire, including extra fine wires.

Foxrod is used for wires for which hydrogen embrittlement is an issue, such as fire-resistant cables.

Conform production 

Aurubis FOXROD is perfectly suited to continuous extrusion applications thanks to its ultraclean metallic surface free of organic elements. The casting dies used during the Aurubis FOXROD manufacturing process immediately create the desired rod diameters for bars & profiles, typically between 12.5 and 25 mm.

  Cu-OFE Cu-HCP Cu-DXP CuAg CuSn
  Aurubis FOXROD Aurubis FOXROD Aurubis FOXROD Aurubis FOXROD Aurubis FOXROD
Type CR009A; C10100 CR021/022A; C10300 CR025A; C12200 CR017-019A; C11300-11600 CW129C
Diameter 8 - 25mm 8 - 21mm 8 - 21mm 8 - 25 mm 8 - 25 mm
Composition < 4ppm Oxygen 0,001 - 0,007 wt% P 0,04 - 0,06 wt% P 0.005 - 0.5 wt% Ag 0.005 - 0.5 wt% Sn
Conductivity > 101 % IACS  > 101 - 97,4 % IACS 76,4 - 67,8 % IACS > 100 % IACS 100 - 66 % IACS
Cu content 99,99% rest to 100% rest to 100% rest to 100% rest to 100%
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