Shareholders' Dialogue

We communicate with our retail shareholders several times a year during our "Shareholders’ Dialogue" events at our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and at the Annual General Meeting, also in Hamburg.

As an exchange-listed company in the MDAX, Aurubis pursues the goal of regularly communicating with its private shareholders. Aurubis maintains contact with its shareholder base beyond legally mandated events such as the Annual General Meeting. One of these voluntary offerings is the Shareholders' Dialogue at the Hamburg and Lünen sites, which takes place several times each year. In the meantime, it’s a fixed date in the calendars of many Aurubis shareholders.

At the events, the shareholders have the opportunity to speak directly with the Aurubis Executive Board and to experience the plant in person. On the other side, the Executive Board uses the occasion to gain an idea of the private shareholders’ mood.

The health and safety of our employees and visitors have the highest priority at Aurubis. Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, we have suspended the Shareholders' Dialgoue events until further notice.

The health and safety of employees and our visitors are Aurubis' top priority. Due to the current situation regarding the Corona virus, we have suspended the "Shareholders' Dialogue" event until further notice.

Note: Presentations from the Shareholders´dialogue are only available in German language.