Procurement of Investment Goods, Consumables, Services & Logistics

Responsibilities of the Corporate Procurement & Logistics team:

Procuring capital goods and supplying our sites and production facilities with materials and services are as much the responsibility of Corporate Procurement & Logistics as purchasing and organizing all required logistics services.

Professional procurement team at every site

Professional procurement teams handle these tasks at each site and a group-wide Lead Buyer Structure has been implemented to take care of topics where central purchasing is meaningful.

With this structure, we ensure that site-specific action can be taken flexibly without sacrificing the benefits of centralized procurement. Our Lead Buyers ensure worldwide supplier relationship management and bundle needs to enter into framework contracts.

Become an Aurubis partner

We are always looking for excellent partners in the logistics and service and supply sectors. If you are willing to support our continuous improvement process in all areas of procurement, get in touch with us.


General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing

If you would like to become familiar with our General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing in advance, you will find in the download area on this website the relevant documents for the respective Aurubis companies.

Refractory material
Laboratory equipment

Rüdiger Redel
+49 2306 108 315

Chemicals & technical gases
IT equipment including software

Eric Weis
+49 40 7883 3905

Casting products form iron and steel

Zdravka Stoianova
+359 72862476

Tankhouse-specific consumables
Copper casting products

Johannes Heisig
+49 40 7883 3934


Johannes Heisig
+49 40 7883 3934

Occupational safety equipment

Stephan Grzyl
+49 40 7883 3938

Steel and plastic strapping material

Claudia Nolte
+49 40 7883 2402

Sea and road freight

Giancarlo Di Benedetto
+49 40 7883 2400

Rail freight

Nikolai Tsanov

+35 97 28 62 329



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