150 Years of the Future

In 2016, Aurubis AG celebrated its company anniversary under the motto “150 Years of the Future”. We are proud of our company’s long-standing tradition and steady innovative force.

It was a long journey from the small gold and silver separating plant in Hamburg in 1866 to a leading integrated copper group and the world’s largest copper recycler. The company has successfully stood the test of time in the raw material sector over 150 years and has achieved an international standing through internal and external growth. Today, Aurubis employs about 6,300 staff at production sites in Europe and the US and operates a global sales and distribution network.

That’s reason enough to celebrate this anniversary!

It was and is the employees and leaders who looked forward with entrepreneurial spirit, commitment and high innovative strength and made Norddeutsche Affinerie what Aurubis is today. We’re proud of this fact!

This is why the slogan “150 Years of the Future” was chosen for the anniversary year. It embodies not only our regard for the past, for the company’s beginnings and developments, for its long-standing tradition, but also for the future –  a successful future that builds on the past – and of course for our main product, copper, without which our modern life today and in the future wouldn’t be possible. 

Aurubis would like to thank all of its partners, customers and suppliers for their many years of loyalty and looks forward to continued close cooperation in the next 150 years!

Aurubis through the Years

150 years of company history – key events, important decisions and notable personalities have stood behind the company over the years.

Current Events

What went on during the anniversary year? From an official public ceremony to an employee event – there were fitting celebrations in the Group.


You can download photos of events, our company video and the anniversary publications here.


Aurubis published a company chronicle for its anniversary on April 28, 2016, which tells the eventful history of the company.


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