Our Business

Aurubis produces copper and other metals from copper concentrates and recycling materials and processes them further into products.

Aurubis owns three smelters, which process copper concentrates and refine them into cathodes. They are located in Hamburg (Germany), Olen (Belgium) and Pirdop (Bulgaria). By-products such as sulfuric acid, iron silicate and selenium are produced in the smelting process.

Aurubis also uses recycling material as feedstock to produce copper cathodes. The recycling center is located in Lünen (Germany). Recycling material is used as input at other Group sites as well.


Copper concentrates and recycling material contain other metals as well, which Aurubis also recovers. These include gold, silver and platinum group metals but also lead, nickel, bismuth, tin, antimony, zinc, selenium, tellurium and their compounds.

Copper product fabrication   

Aurubis processes copper cathodes into marketable intermediates such as continuous cast rod, shapes, rolled products for industry and architecture, specialty profiles and wire.  An extensive sales system and our excellent service in Europe, Asia and North America ensure long-term, stable customer relationships.


Copper Metal

Modern life wouldn’t be possible without copper. Because of its outstanding conductivity, it is ideally suited for use in electrical systems, electronics and telecommunications.

Copper Market

Demand for copper is rising steadily, led by China. Copper is necessary in many aspects of daily life.

Metal Production from Copper Concentrates

Copper ore is primarily mined in Central and South America, the US and Canada, but also Africa, Asia, Australia and to a lesser degree in Europe.

Metal Production from Recycling Material

Aurubis is the global market leader in recycling metallic secondary materials and has a strong market presence.


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