Aurubis through the Years

From its founding as Norddeutsche Affinerie in Hamburg to its international expansion as the Aurubis Group – the company’s 150-year history is exciting and eventful.

Hard to believe, but true: The copper production process – electrolysis – was discovered in 1876 and is the technology still used today. 140 years ago, this discovery by Dr. Emil Wohlwill was the decisive moment in the technical development of what was then Norddeutsche Affinerie (NA). As a result, NA was the first company worldwide to put chemically pure electrolyte onto the market. This quality feature still sets Aurubis apart.

Electrolytic copper production is just one example of many technical developments and innovations in 150 years of company history – and Emil Wohlwill is just one personality of many who decisively impacted the company’s course.

Historical Timeline

150 years of Aurubis in pictures and text: The interactive timeline leads you through the company’s historical milestones.


Many individuals influenced the company’s history and led it into the future with innovative force and accountability.


An anniversary is made up of not just one single story but many individual aspects and events.  As a result, history comes alive.

Evolution of the Logo

What does the name “Aurubis” actually mean? And how did the blue triangle arise from the Norddeutsche Affinerie logo?


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