Aurubis published a company chronicle for the 150th anniversary on April 28, 2016. On over 150 pages filled with photos, this book tells the rich history of the company.

The book guides the reader through the eventful decades of the company in a compelling way. It reports about people who made the company what it is today, allows firsthand witnesses of the company’s history to speak and provides insights into the Aurubis Group’s innovations and strategies.

Qualities that set the company apart

The book consists of both chronological and thematic parts. Each of the seven chapters is assigned a “quality” that has set the company apart during its history: experienced, conscientious, international, loyal, innovative, sustainable and forward-looking. The chronological history and the thematic focuses of people, technology and products will be highlighted under these aspects.


Chapters 1-3 (Part 1) describe the chronological history of events.

Chapters 4-6 (Part 2) address the thematic focuses of people, technology and products.

Chapter 7 (Part 2) looks to the future and the Group’s strategic orientation.





The chronicle is now available for purchase:
German edition under Cu 150.0 ISBN 978-3-944334-70-7
English edition under Cu 150.0 ISBN 978-3-944334-71-4


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