Technical environmental protection

The continuously changing compositions of metallic and non-metallic materials in ore concentrates and recycling materials require constant adjustment of the process and plant technologies.

As a result, Technical Environmental Protection is an important pillar of environmental protection at Aurubis: experienced employees with specialized knowledge of process technology and complex metallurgical methods continuously work on reducing possible environmental impacts. This also requires a willingness to break new ground and implement innovative technologies. Ongoing analysis and adjusted assessments are crucial in this case. Samples and recordings for emission protection, water pollution control, soil conservation and occupational safety are carried out using standardized and officially recognized methods.

The data collected – several thousand individual samples and countless individual analyses in the Group over the year – help to minimize environmental effects, enable more effective operating processes and are the basis for investment decisions. The correct calculation of the data resulting from long-term experience and very good knowledge of the recording and sampling technology are vital conditions for reproducible and reliable results.

Optimizing processes and reducing emissions:

An example of excellent technical environmental protection is the anode slime facility in Hamburg. This plant allows Aurubis to process all of the precious metal-bearing anode slimes from the Group optimally at the Hamburg site and to recover high-purity silver and fine gold.

The anode slime is now dried in a one-step procedure using a filter press, which saves up to 35 % of the energy and reduces CO2 emissions by 460 t per year.