At Aurubis, production processes utilize state-of-the-art, energy-efficient plant technologies with very high environmental standards in order to conserve natural resources and to maintain a clean environment for future generations. We pursue this standard for all production sites in the Group and across all business processes.

We are developing innovative and energy-efficient plant technologies in environmental protection that set new benchmarks worldwide and form the basis for establishing best available techniques (BAT) at the European level. We keep the effects on the resources water, air, and soil to a minimum as a result. In the spirit of resource protection, nearly all of the raw materials are processed into marketable products and waste is effectively avoided and recycled if possible.

Group-wide targets in environmental protection

We have defined group-wide targets in environmental protection as well as concrete targets for the individual sites.  
The effectiveness of the targets and measures is reviewed continuously. Environmental and Energy Management Systems support their implementation. Targets are recorded, deviations are evaluated, and corrective measures are introduced and tracked for their effectiveness.

We conduct an open dialogue with the authorities and with citizens across the Group and are involved in a number of projects. The commitment and training of our employees is also particularly important to us. You can find examples of training sessions, action days, and events in the Environmental Report 2015 and the Sustainability Report 2015.

Environmental protection successes

On average, about one-third of total capital expenditure in the Aurubis Group has been used for environmental protection. Because of this and the operation of state-of-the-art, innovative plant technologies, Aurubis has a leading global position in climate and environmental protection in primary and secondary copper production, as well as in processing copper into products such as rolled sheet, rod, and cast products.

We publish additional information about key figures and targets, as well as examples of achievements and current measures, in our environmental and sustainability reporting.

Karin Hinrichs-Petersen
Dr. Karin Hinrichs-Petersen

Head of Environmental Protection

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