Shaped wire

Aurubis Stolberg specializes in shaped and round wires with high coil weights in its drawn product range. The highest precision and dimensional stability are guaranteed by a computerized instrumentation system. The narrowest tolerances with finely matched alloying compositions ensure the right material for every area of application.

The wires are cast into billets, sawn and then hot pressed. At Aurubis Stolberg this is an indirect process. Subsequently, the wires are pickled, annealed, pre-drawn and finally drawn depending on the requirements.

  • Dimension ranges: 2–15 mm diameter
  • Coil weights: up to 1,500 kg


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Aurubis Stolberg


Aurubis Stolberg has developed the BlueBrass® family of alloys, which combines the current standards of the electrical and automotive industries in terms of conductivity, machinability and workability with the increasing demand for lead-free products. Click the following link for the BlueBrass website.

BlueBrass® family of alloys

Product brochure Specialty Wire

Specialty Wire:

The "Specialty Wir" brochure is aimed at processors of precision components in the automotive, electrical, and electronics industries and provides detailed information on alloys, dimensions, and delivery formats as well as BlueBrass® product groups, Conform™ material, and ETP copper conductors.


Please download here our product brochure "Aurubis Specialty Wire".