Environmental policies/ Management Principles/ Code of Conduct

Environmental policies

Beyond the requirements laid down in environmental legislation, self-imposed obligations such as the chemical industry’s "Responsible Care" initiative represent essential instruments for the continuous improvement of Aurubis’s performance in environmental protection and health care. The following principles are included in our corporate guiding principles:

  1. To further develop environmental protection, health protection and occupational safety on our own responsibility in such a way as to avoid or reduce to a minimum the burdens on the environment and our employees.

  2. To take into account the special requirements of environmental protection, health care and safety in planning and developing new products and production processes.

  3. To return the raw materials and intermediate products we process as completely as possible to the economic cycle, to dispose of unavoidable waste without causing harm and to encourage our raw material suppliers to mine ore in an environmentally sound manner.

  4. To reduce the use of primary energy within the constraints of what is commercially justifiable and to recycle waste in order to conserve finite resources.

  5. To avert danger to our employees, our neighbors and the environment by taking essential precautions to avoid accidents and operational disruptions and yet at the same time to restrict to a minimum the impacts of any accidents or disruptions that may nevertheless occur.

  6. To boost a sense of responsibility in our staff and to conduct a frank and objective dialogue based on trust with them as well as the responsible authorities and the general public.

  7. To give our clients a suitable briefing on the properties of our products and essential safety measures and to advise them on questions regarding product disposal.

  8. To select, inform and advise external companies and carriers working for us to guarantee the adherence to our own standards on environmental protection, health protection and occupational safety.


Management Principles/ Code of Conduct

Aurubis and its employees conduct themselves in a lawful and responsible manner.

We advise our employees about especially important areas of responsibility and provide clear guidelines in a Code of Conduct, which is distributed to all employees. Aurubis acts through its employees, who bear the responsibility for the Group’s internal and external image.

The Code of Conduct is not just a set of guidelines but also an obligation.

Download: Code of Conduct (PDF 2 MB)