Aurubis’ achievements at the Lünen production site

Since taking over Hüttenwerke Kayser AG in 2000, Aurubis has invested € 85 million in environmental protection at the Lünen recycling center.

Capital expenditure has been focused on reducing fugitive emissions, paving storage areas and erecting a storage hall for crushed electronic scrap as part of the emission reduction program agreed with the respective authorities for the period 2005 to 2009. The emission reduction program was initially estimated at € 10 million. An additional capital expenditure volume of € 25 million was provided for further measures in the meantime.

In 2005 Aurubis constructed a mechanical material preparation plant at the Lünen site. It was expanded in 2007 with a sampling facility for electrical and electronic scrap.

In 2010 a new works entrance was opened with additional parking spaces for trucks. The construction of this entrance sustainably improves traffic flows inside and outside the plant. A connected filter plant (filter 5) of the Kayser Recycling System (KRS) was commissioned in 2010 as well, considerably improving the emission situation.

With the KRS-Plus project, Aurubis has invested a further € 62.5 million in the expansion of the Kayser Recycling System in Lünen, € 17.5 million of which was for environmental protection. This created an additional 40 jobs. A separate furnace (TBRC) enables the separation of the metallurgical steps of reduction and oxidation.

An increased input of complex recycling raw materials, optimized metal recovery rates, especially for by-metals, and more flexibility in the raw material feed overall strengthen Aurubis’ multi-metal recycling strategy.

More information on the environmental projects of Aurubis at the Lünen site can be found in the updated environmental statement 2014.

Aurubis, Lünen

Dr. Franz-Josef Westhoff (Works Manager)
Dr. Claus Meyer-Wulf (Head of the Environmental Protection Department, Environmental Officer)
Dr. Hendrik Roth (Deputy Head of the Environmental Protection Department)

"The outstanding event in 2011 was the successful implementation of the KRS-Plus project, which significantly increased the capacity and range of multi-metal recycling at the Lünen site yet again. Furthermore, we were able to set new benchmarks with respect to progressive environmental protection with state-of-the-art facilities."

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