About us

The main activity at Aurubis Bulgaria is copper concentrate processing for the production of copper anodes and cathodes, as well as by-products such as sulfuric acid, fayalite and middling slime. It consists of four main production units: Smelter, Refinery, Acid Plant and Flotation Plant.

Today the company employs 800 personnel. A total of € 500 million has been invested in the company in the last ten years to modernize production and make environmental improvements. In 2014 Aurubis Bulgaria’s output was 350,000 t. of anode copper, 233,000 t. of cathode copper and 1 200 000 t. of sulfuric acid.

Aurubis Bulgaria has been distinguished with many corporate awards, including Investor of The Year (2007), Best Corporate Investor (2008), Corporate Donor of the Year (2011) and Greenest Industrial Company (2011). During the past year the company was ranked second among the top 10 biggest companies in Bulgaria for Capital 100 complex indices.

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